• Refresher Workshop, 2020


    "My husband and I attended the antenatal and hypnobirthing refresher course with Hannah and Chloe. It was greatly informative and really helped us prepare for the next little one coming our way. Hannah and Chloe are so personable and knowledgable, really felt at ease talking through everything and they answered all the questions and concerns I had on the day. Highly recommend this course. Thank you again to Hannah and Chloe for a really great and well planned course.

    - Sophie & Ed

  • Antenatal Care


    "Hannah provided my antenatal care when I had my first baby, and the care I received was fantastic! As well as being knowledgeable and skilled, Hannah is also very friendly, easy to talk to, and reassuring when answering questions or discussing concerns. I felt very well looked after and safe in Hannah's care."

    - Katherine

  • First Timers Course, 2020


    "I highly recommend Hello Baby Antenatal Classes. I attended the two day weekend course with my husband a couple of weeks ago. Hannah and Chloe were highly knowledgeable, very attentive and presented the course in an informative way answering all our questions. We covered labour and birth, caring for a newborn and much much more! We were given a digital course companion which is very useful. We were also provided with hot / cold drinks and refreshments to keep our energy levels up throughout the day! Thank you again Hannah and Chloe."

    - Jo

First Timers Course, 2019


"Thank you for making me feel welcome, putting my mind at ease and also providing me with essential Mummy tips to help me care for my baby in the safest and best way.

- Sharelle

First Timers Course, 2019


"It has been an enlightening journey which I have found fascinating, helpful and educational."

- James

Labour Care, 2011


"Hannah delivered my first son at home.  She couldn't have been a more attentive or competent midwife and was very calm, confident and responsive to my and my baby's needs throughout."

- Nina

  • First Timers Course, 2020

    "My husband and I have just finished attending the Hello Baby antenatal course.  Let me start by saying that being pregnant can be a time of both excitement and anxiety and these are particularly heightened when the world is going through a pandemic - prior to this course, I was somewhat anxious and worried as to how I would cope in hospital with a newborn given the restrictions on birth partner presence during birth and family visits post birth. I can hand on my heart say that this course is the sole reason that I feel so much more confident about what is to come.. It is by far the best money we have spent during this pregnancy.


    The course was delivered via Zoom (as we are currently in lockdown during Covid-19) but this did not impact it's content, quality and enjoyment. Both Hannah and Chloe are clearly knowledgeable and passionate about their respective fields (Midwifery and Hypnobirthing) and this comes across in each session. I feel confident in what to expect from labour, birth and the early days that follow. The information they provide is evidence based but they are also willing to share their personal experiences which only adds to the quality of the course.  I can't recommend this course enough and already look forward to a post birth meet up with Hannah, Chloe and the other attendees of our session."

    - Roopa

  • First Timers Course, 2020

    Outstanding! We attended an intensive weekend run of the "Hello Baby" course. We found the quality of the course content and its presentation far exceeded our expectations.

    Both Hannah and Chloe were simply brilliant and were able to answer any questions we had and point us towards additional sources of information. We came away feeling much more confident about the birth and caring for our newborn through the knowledge we acquired on the course. This has proved to be invaluable now that our baby girl has arrived and we've reached day 5 as smoothly as I could ever have hoped, which we feel is partly because we are calmer parents as a result of attending this course.

    The coronavirus pandemic meant there were a few cancellations and there was only 1 other couple. Although the course we attended was well before the lockdown, it must have been an option for Hannah to cancel the course, but we are so glad that it went ahead and we were able to benefit from hers and Chloe's experience.

    Thank you so much for all the help you gave us and support as we start our journey into parenthood.

    - Andy & Chayya

  • First Timers Course 2020

    "We recently undertook the 6 session antenatal classes over Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic. This format worked really well as we were able to learn from the comfort of our own home and still maintain a good level of interaction with both instructors (Hannah & Chloe), as well as other participants in our class.


    The course is structured, informative and provides a well-balanced view of the various stages of labour, feeding, post-birth and taking care of your baby. Importantly, the content is up to date and delivered by two experts who are leaders in theirs respective fields of specialism (Midwifery and Hypnobirthing). It is clear that Hannah & Chloe are passionate about their course content, offering different views based on science, research and personal experiences. They also suggest alternative options available to you for all parts of labour and give you the verbal tools to feel empowered at the hospital for match day. They also field all of the obvious and curve-ball questions you throw at them during each session.


    The course offers excellent value for money for the number of contact hours that you receive. I would undoubtedly recommend this course to friends and look forward to meeting up with other graduates of our course post-lockdown..."

    - Sagar

  • First Timers Course, 2020

    "Really beneficial doing this course, we done if during covid-19 so it was zoom sessions but it worked well. Hannah and Chloe are really nice and knowledgeable, made you feel comfortable to ask what may be ridiculous questions and give a good run down of what to expect in lead up to labour and after care. Definitely feel a lot more comfortable heading into the final few weeks of pregnancy."

    - Claire & Lachlan

  • First Timers Course 2020


    "I’d highly recommend the Hello Baby Antenatal classes. Hannah and Chloe are extremely knowledgable, very energetic and make you feel at ease asking any question. Both my husband and I feel a lot more comfortable having completed the course. The sessions went very quickly and were crammed with relevant, non-bias information. What was particularly helpful was the ability to have first hand advice from Hannah as a qualified midwife. Her knowledge was second to none. Thank you!”

    - Shreena

  • First Timers Course 2020

    "We really loved the Hello Baby course and definitely recommend it. Hannah and Chloe are knowledgable, enthusiastic and experienced. The course is informative, useful and really interesting. Hannah and Chloe are great presenters who made all the information really clear and gave us as much time as needed for questions and queries. We thoroughly enjoyed every session and feel so well prepared as a result of the course. Thank you so much Hannah and Chloe!"

    - Liza & Jason

  • First Timers Course, 2019

    Hannah has been so attentive with our journey of pregnancy/birth... We really enjoyed her antenatal class and would thoroughly recommend! Hannah has been in contact since the birth of our baby to check we were doing well.. speaks for itself.. thank you Hannah!"

    - Lucille

  • First Timers Course 2020

    "I attended Hannah and Chloe’s two day weekend antenatal course with my wife this March.  The course gives a comprehensive, professional and reassuring insight into all aspects of birth and postnatal care for your new arrival. The course leaders are knowledgable about their subject areas with much working experience to go along with their teaching content. The atmosphere is convivial, couples can interact freely with each other in the group, and refreshments/breaks are provided throughout each day of the course.  The two course leaders complement each other well in their knowledge and skills! Any questions are welcome. Highly recommended to prepare both of you, with much to take away from the course."

    - Adam

  • Private care, 2020

    "Hannah came to see us at short notice and absolutely put our minds at ease following an upsetting initial reaction from our local GPs office. As first time parents-to-be, we had a lot of questions, from the practical to what seemed silly but she made us feel very comfortable. Her approach is very relaxed, friendly and honest and comes from a place of experience both professionally and personally. I liked that she didn't give 'stock' opinions around certain things, like when to tell people our news, her approach is very modern and focused on the parents well being.


    She also spoke a lot about preparing for life after birth and mental well being around that, not just about pregnancy and labour which seems to get most of the focus generally. We were given recommendations for scans, hypnobirthing experts, antenatal courses and even a mums meet up group in our local area which we found really reassuring in quite an overwhelming time. We would highly recommend Hannah's services to any parents-to-be!"

    - Lynn

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