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Pregnancy can conjure up a whole world of emotions - excitement, anticipation, joy and anxiety to name just a few! One way to help alleviate some of the worry and encourage you to feel confident, empowered and positive is accessing the services of an experienced, independent midwife.


Antenatal care with Hannah is tailored to your needs and wishes, using a holistic approach. Appointments will take place in your own home on a day and time to suit you, offering you flexibility and allowing you to involve other family members in your pregnancy journey. Hannah will document the appointment and provide you with the notes, as well as referring you to any other medical professionals as required.

As standard, appointments last for one hour which allows for individualised care and detailed discussion. If your circumstances are more complex or you need more time, longer appointments or follow up care can be arranged with Hannah.

The care and services offered to you during an appointment will depend on your stage in pregnancy and personal preferences. Hannah will discuss this in advance of your appointment, and some examples are listed below.

Pregnant Woman with Mother_edited.jpg

Holistic assessment of mum's health and wellbeing

Hanging Hearts

Listening to the fetal heart to assess wellbeing of baby

Doctor's Appointment_edited.jpg

Blood pressure reading to check it's within range

Holding the Belly

Measuring and feeling bump to assess position of baby

Test Tubes

Urine test to screen for various pregnancy conditions

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Support with writing your birth preferences ('birth plan')

Image by charlesdeluvio

Support with colostrum harvesting

Pregnant Woman

Cervical membrane sweep (case dependent)

Antenatal Care from £130
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