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During pregnancy and the few weeks after your baby is born you are encouraged to access maternity care, either through the NHS or independently. Research shows that being able to form a relationship with your midwife and trusting them can have a positive impact on your pregnancy and birth experience. Feeling empowered, being well informed and an active participant in your journey leads to more positive, happier memories. Engaging the services of an independent midwife allows you this opportunity.


Hannah offers private, holistic midwife consultations that can happen at any point during your pregnancy until your baby is 28 days old. It is a chance for you to spend quality time with an experienced midwife in your own home, ask questions and have any anxieties alleviated. She can support you in addition to your standard NHS midwife and GP appointments or in replacement of them.

Hand on Bump

Antenatal Care

From £130

Newborn Baby

Postnatal Care

From £160

All appointments are in your own home on a day and at a time to suit you. You can book individual one-off appointments, an antenatal package, a postnatal package or a package comprising antenatal and postnatal visits. If you have booked a one-off appointment but decide to upgrade to a package then this option is also possible. A 10% discount is available for all Hello Baby clients.


Form a trusting relationship with your midwife and feel empowered and positive


Family-centred midwifery care tailored to your specific needs and wishes


Appointments in the comfort of your own home on a day and time that suits you


High-quality care provided by a dedicated, reliable and friendly midwife 


Achieving the best outcomes for families based on the latest clinical research



Hannah's support far exceeds anything I could find online. Hannah answered all of my questions and then some and was able to tailor a plan and offer support that was very specific to me and my baby's needs... The session was incredibly valuable and I've started this stage of my feeding journey with so much knowledge and confidence thanks to her.


Hannah is one of the most calm, caring, compassionate and professional people you could hope to meet and we instantly all felt much better and happier in her presence. I would absolutely recommend her without a question or hesitation and the services we received from her was invaluable and more than worth every penny. 


Our birth plan appointment with Hannah was fantastic! She went through all of our options for the different stages of labour in detail and helped us make informed decisions about what we think we would like. Of course we know that anything can happen on the day but we feel so much more confident going into the experience!

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