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Bringing home baby is an exciting and joyful time but isn't without some element of nervousness and apprehension. Coupled with the emotions of becoming a new parent, changes to your family dynamic and the inevitable lack of sleep, early parenthood can feel tumultuous and relentless.

It is recommended that you see a midwife over the course of a few weeks after your baby has been born so they can support you, check on your wellbeing and recovery, as well as monitor baby's development and growth. Using the services of an independent midwife will allow you to be visited at home for all appointments on days and at times to suit you - the perfect combination when you have a newborn baby! 

Hannah provides flexible, bespoke appointments where the needs and wishes of you and your family are at the forefront of all care. You will be able to spend quality, unhurried time with an experienced midwife, asking any questions and having your anxieties alleviated. As standard, appointments last for one and a half hours which allows for individualised care and detailed discussion. If your circumstances are more complex or you need more time, longer appointments or follow up care can be arranged with Hannah.

The care and services offered to you during an appointment will depend on how many days you are since you gave birth and personal preferences. Hannah will discuss this in advance of your appointment, and some examples are listed below.

Mother and Baby

Holistic assessment of mum's health and wellbeing

Newborn Baby

Top to toe assessment of baby

Doctor's Appointment_edited.jpg

Blood pressure reading to check it's within range

Image by Christian Bowen

Weighing baby

Test Tubes

Urine test to screen for infection etc


Breastfeeding support

Image by :) :)

Review of perineal or caesarean wound stitches

Feeding the Baby

Bottle feeding support

Postnatal Care from £160
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